Zanellato is a company, founded in 1993 by Maurizio Zanellato and Ivana Erbea, who has several years of business in the tap accessories industry.

Initially located in Briga Novarese, Zanellato was born as a small workshop but already in 1997 this location was abandoned to be transferred to the current headquarters in Gargallo (NO) which, following an expansion carried out in 2020, today has a covered area of over 5000 m2

Seriousness and precision have always been the hallmarks that distinguish this company. Our accessories are the result of the attention paid to the quality and they are created with the aim of resisting over time.



Equipped with an internal turning department, the company is able to produce both brass and stainless steel components, keeping the costs low even for small batches.

Thanks to the new technologies introduced, the company is able to carry out processes using bars rods from a Ø 4 to a Ø 160 mm.

In addition to the machining of the items based on the client’s design, Zanellato is also able to develop dedicated projects for our customers.


In Zanellato there are some assembly lines that allow us to offer either partially assembled or fully assembled items. Furthermore we can also perform pressure and flow rates tests.



Zanellato warehouses are used to stock our goods and also the one from our customers, We have an automatic vertical warehouse and a standard warehouse that both together can hold over 1200 pallets.


With the growth of the company the offices were no longer enough. In 2022 the offices have been totally renovated and expanded.